How logistics can impact your business?


In current economic dynamics all manufacturing and Supply chain companies logistics word plays a crucial role in meetings and discussions, so the saying goes “Amateurs discuss about tactics, Professionals discuss about Logistics” yes in Modern day of business, Logistics play a vital role. Online truck aggregators is one such boon for this alarmingly growing Industry. Today among mushrooming Truck aggregators in India, Wowtruck is growing in stature day by day increasing the frequency of loads multifold, WOW truck is an subsidiary of Equitas holdings which provides cost effective combined with professional approach to its customers and also effective revenue model for its vehicle owners

WOW truck was started in 2015 initially began its operations in Capital city Chennai with 15 Trucks which has now increased to 200+ trucks and slowly moved to Coimbatore. Chennai so called the Detroit of Asia has provided enormous scope to Truck Aggregators which is estimated to 30 – 40 Billion Rupees Industry in India. Wow truck identified the gap of demand-supply mismatch for Intra-City trucks and with no delay they entered this Industry. The vehicle owners wait for one or more loads whole day, are now glued to their smart phones for getting their business done.

The daily load metric has increased from 50 to 300 in Chennai city. Boom in E-Commerce has played a major hand in balance sheet, the Tie-ups with Small and Medium Business Enterprises has increased frequency of loads in Intra city. The Manufacturing hubs spread across city has given more potential to Wowtruck, our team of marketing expertise has led to humungous spurt of load numbers.

When there is a boon in industry always the bane also grows along with it. Currently going forward, this industry is surrounded by humpty challenges likes of Shortage of vehicle owners, Fixing charges for trip (Heavy competition rising) and dealing with big giants who have company owned trucks. This industry is likely to follow the footstep of car aggregators where many firms had mushroomed up during initial days of start, later on converging to only 2 major players ruling the roost. Wowtruck possess the advantage of being under Equitas Holdings whose one of business is into Commercial vehicle finance.

This Logistics Industry is sure to witness a greater transformation coupled with technology amidst speed breakers to ensure the cash burn isn’t avoided.



10 tips to hire a rental truck for moving


Are you facing problems with choosing the mode of transport on how to shift your house or your corporate office?Well, there are many with the same. Apart from packing goods, moving goods is tougher as safe and timely delivery of the goods is under stake. For this purpose, you can either choose from the various options of movers & packers, or hire trucks directly or use your own vehicle. Hiring a rental truck for moving is not an easy job due to various reasons like improper driving practices, late deliveries, increasing accidents and rental rates. To help you deal with these challenges involved in hiring here are a few tips that will guide you while you sit to resolve ideas regarding hiring and help you take a wise decision.

1. Qualified drivers:

To begin with, look for qualified drivers. Do not compromise on this. Well now, talking about what constitutes qualified here is the level of knowledge required relating to the field i.e. the driving practices. Find for an experienced personnel so that you don’t face loses.

2. Driver licenses and technical certifications:

A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is the official state-issued license, which every driver needs to hold. This serves as an evidence that the driver has gone through official driving test with the appropriate truck. It acts as a proof that the driver is fit to carry on with the driving. This way you can ensure safety.

3. Estimate the truck size:

Choosing the right size of truck for your goods is absolutely important. There are various sizes available starting from smaller ones to large ones. A small truck usually can come to use for smaller firms or households which usually have one or two rooms and houses that doesn’t have too many goods because these trucks cannot accommodate too much stock. Prefer a large truck as they can accommodate more stuff and transfer all goods in one run. These can be accompanied by smaller trucks in case the goods don’t fit in completely. The best suggestion would be to hire a combination of sizes to accommodate the goods accordingly.

4. Getting the insurance:

Insurance, as the name suggests is a means to indemnify losses. Make sure the truck has moving insurance which would act as a safety for your goods in transit and will help compensate for losses that might arise in case of any mishap. Other insurances that accompany to reduce losses can also be taken.

5. Renting:

Coming to the most important element of the transportation scene, rental rates. Try comparing the cost with the benefits you derive. For a clearer picture compare the rates by approaching two to three trucking dealers and their rental details for your requirement. Also reassure with the previous rates and the company’s present scheme of rent and try knowing the reason for increase.

6. Booking:

While comparing rates don’t take too long so that you miss to place the order. This will land you with a bad choice or cost you more. Plan according to the need and also be aware that of the peak time like month end, festivals etc. In such cases truck dealers have bookings in prior. Therefore, it is advisable to go for advance booking.

7. Past records:

Always have a look or research on the previous records of the company dealings and their reviews to know about the credibility of the firm. This will also help you know the trustworthiness of the dealer in the market so that while you use their services you can be at peace.

8. Safety: More than just simplifying your supply chain or just the idea of transferring goods have an in-depth knowledge about the safety measures that guarantees your commitment with the truck dealer. This becomes more important to cut down unwanted losses which might arise out of the lethargic behavior of the driver. Safety is the main element you must look for.

9. Timing:

The main aim of hiring is lost when the driver is not capable enough of delivering the goods on time. Therefore make sure his dealings warrant timely delivery of goods and he is punctual at his work. The main aim behind the service hired is lost when the delivery is not right on time.

10. Inspection:

After a quick decision don’t forget to have a check on the truck and its condition. This will add up to ensure safety and create a sense of satisfaction in your minds.

These are few key tips which will guide you. These will help you in making an effective decision when it comes to making the right choice of hiring a rental truck. Hope these tips help you in choosing a wise transporter and make your move less stressful.

Truck Racing – Fab or Fad?


What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘truck’? Generally, people think of goods, transportation, driver, big locomotive vehicles and so on. The word ‘truck’ screams commercialisation and business. There are very few people in the community who take up truck driving as a profession. The economy of the country depends on safe transportation of goods and on a general note, the society undermine truck drivers, the intensity and seriousness of the job! But has it ever occurred to you that there can be a truck race?

Time for a make-over:
The T1 Prima Truck Championship, backed by the Federation of Motor Sport Clubs of India(FMSCI) and TATA motors, decided to take the matter in their hands and planned on to change the image of truck driving. They decided to give truck driving a glamorous make-over. They organised a truck racing event at the Buddh International Circuit on the 12th of March 2016, where 12 truck drivers took over the racing track.

Truck racing – The new era:
The Indian truck drivers joined the international drivers for the first time on a racing track. 500 drivers who were below 45 years old with a healthy physical condition, came forward to participate. Another criteria for the selection was that they should have driven a tractor-trailer for at least 5 years. The 132 shortlisted drivers were later taken to Chennai for training at the Sriperumbur track.

Reactions of the drivers:
The truck drivers who participated were happy and said that the training helped them a lot. One of the winners said that racing on the track that had 10 laps was as difficult as driving the truck the whole day. Another winner expressed his feelings and said that he could never proudly admit the fact that he was a truck driver to his friends and family and now he is proud of the same. The first winner bagged a cash prize of Rs. 10 lakh and the second winner walked away with a cash prize of Rs. 6 lakh!

It is great to see efforts taken by the community to uplift this off-beat profession. Making truck driving a demanding profession might seem a far candy, but we are off to a good start. Hope to see many such events in the future.